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Wade Armstrong

Tips for Job Application Cover Letters #

Cover letters are often read after the resume. It's just natural; the resume has your skills and the recruiter, HR staff, or hiring manager will use that resume to weed out the unqualified.

So Why Write A Cover Letter? #

The cover letter is your chance to show your enthusiasm and make a personal connection. It's also a great chance to highlight any skills included in your resume that particularly match the needs of your target employer.

The Basics #

If you don't have the basics, you're maximizing your chances of ending up in the circular file. That's not a desired result. Make sure your cover letter:

Formatting Tips #

Writing Tips #

What's the most common first word of a paragraph in a cover letter? "I". Use another word. A few ideas:

Make your skills stand out and communicate your passion for the product. Don't hesitate to use bullets and headings to add visual punch to highlight these.

On the topic of prose vs. bullets, use whatever you're best at writing. Bullets are also a great tool when you have a laundry list of skills, etc.

Letter Structure #

First Paragraph #

Second Paragraph #

Third Paragraph #

Typical Boo-Boos #